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Artist Statement

"The merging of contradictions is a delightful idea. there is a strong  seduction  from the thought of distorting anything that stands as concrete and evident; to destroy elements and rebuild them in harmonious images. Drawing and painting in various medias are the ongoing and evolving techniques This is what I love to adapt in my work, this is the spectrum of my graphical and symbolic expressions.

Within my work I take into account the beauty found in the language related to rational thinking, and the emotional thrust that I find in the appreciation of animal life around me.

In growing up with a mother who is mathematician, I developed a visual interest in the use of structural forms. We humans study the cosmos as we search for beauty and attempt to define it through numbers and equations.

In the end I want to bring together both worlds into one image where I wish to evoke an appreciation between the viewer and the many forms of life present, I believe we all have a deep responsibility and connection with the natural world surrounding our existence.

About the Artist

Mateo Rueda was born and raised in Bogotá Colombia. Currently he is living in Logan Utah with his wife an Dogs. Mateo comes from diverse background and that influence can be seen all throughout his work. Right now he is working as a tutor, drawing and painting on multiple mediums, designing for companies and creating unique tattoo designs.