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The Parafox

A bestiary of inadequate creatures

The parafox is one of many from a  bestiary of creatures who make part of the metaphysical world. 



Similar to the typical variety of Earth fox, the Parafox is cunningness incarnate. Also similar to the Earth fox is the behavior of his coat of luxurious methane fibers, which changes hues to match the galactic seasons and as such is highly desired for use as scarves, hand warmers, and hats by the fashionistas of Paris. However unlike the simple Earth fox, the Parafox lives outside the boundaries of time, constructs his burrows inside the muk of dark matter, and hates it when you talk about his completely ornamental third eye.


Although the Parafox is largely solitary, if you manage to spot one slipping between the boundaries of dimensional planes you will likely see him either using his mercurial tongue to destroy the redundancies of post-modernism or following his highly sensitive nose to the nearest logical fallacy.  The Parafox feeds mainly on a high protein diet of axioms, which he stalks with the agility of a quasar.  The Parafox also sustains himself upon the act of laughing generously at the miniscule depth of human knowledge.  This laughter can be sometimes so robust and jovial that it can be heard ringing throughout the universe's collective consciousness.  Frequently, scientist have reported this noise as the sound of grinding teeth and futility as they rip out their hair over failed grant proposals.   


Particularly interesting are the mating rituals of the Parafox.  As frequently as possible, a Parafox will hit up everyone with whom it is friends with on Spacefacebook and propose to just like, hang out and watch a supernova and chill or something.  This is usually followed by a an intense display of affection which can involve the use of irrational numbers, called “Quantum Tantrism”.  Rarer still is an act called “Brown Dwarfing”, which is when one Parafox uses their ***** to ****** in another Parafox’s ********.   


Although the Parafox understands all forms of neural communication  they choose to speak in fractal dialects, as they more properly represent the near infinite nature of thought.  As such, Parafox literature is largely considered to be the pinnacle of expression, melding sensory experience, raw emotion, fierce intellect, and really cool looking patterns.


Favorite irrational number: 22

Favorite place to nap: The cosmic microwave background

Favorite type of orbit: Geosynchronous

Uses its fluffy tail to: Look really cute, swat comets

Favorite minimalist: Terry Riley